Do You Have Bland Baseboards?

Herrera's Home Painting offers baseboard installation in West Palm Beach & Lake Worth, FL

Do scuffed baseboards frame your beautifully painted and decorated living room? Herrera's Home Painting is the solution to your problem. We offer baseboard installation and baseboard repair services in the West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, FL areas.

Baseboards may serve a purpose by protecting the walls from damage, but that doesn't mean they can't also look elegant. Through our baseboard installation process, we can customize your baseboards completely. We can even do baseboard repairs to give them a fresh look if you don't want to have new ones installed.

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How does the baseboard installation process work?

How does the baseboard installation process work?

Herrera's Home Painting installs a variety of baseboards in West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, FL. The entire process is dictated by you, allowing you to design the perfect, customized baseboards for your home. This process consists of the following 5 steps:

  1. Baseboards of different designs and sizes are showcased to you.
  2. Samples are then brought to your home to determine which ones best fit the project.
  3. Customized materials are ordered right away.
  4. The baseboards and crown molding are installed efficiently.
  5. The baseboards are then painted or finished by Herrera's Home Painting.

Your bland baseboards will be swapped for customized ones that match your home and personal preference during the baseboard installation process. We can also do baseboard repairs to give your current baseboards a new look. Never worry about having lackluster baseboards again.

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