Give Your Home's Exterior an Upgrade

Arrange for professional exterior painting services in West Palm Beach & Lake Worth, FL

The value of your home depends largely on its curb appeal. With a fresh coat of beautiful paint, you can improve your home's value in a matter of hours. Herrera's Home Painting offers exterior painting services for homeowners in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, FL and surrounding areas. Our exterior painting team has more than 30 years of experience, and we'll pay attention to the little things other painting companies won't.

As a family owned and operated, faith-based company, we want to provide you with the best possible results every time. Schedule service today.

Above and beyond for every customer

Above and beyond for every customer

Painting your home's exterior isn't as easy as it seems. Our team takes a few extra steps to ensure you get a beautiful paint job that can stand up to Mother Nature.

As part of our exterior painting services, we will...

  • Pressure wash your entire home, including the gutters
  • Cover all the windows, doors, pathways and exterior lamps
  • Seal the surface so the old paint doesn't flake underneath the new paint
  • Patch any large cracks in your home's exterior

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